Buying Services

Sourching Service

Did not find the car you are looking for on our site?  Please contact us as we offer car sourching service. Here we will use our years of experience to find the exact car you are looking for. We will then use our buying power to secure a better price than you would have achieved youryourself.

Buying Service 

Found a car on the net but cannot buy it yourself?
Usually car sellers in Holland insist on cash payments, or do not wish to trade with unknown people. Now here we offer you buying service for cars you found in Holland, starting at only EURO 150 per unit. This service includes car inspection, cash payment, car registration, transportation and handling charges.
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Loading Service

Do not wish you ship your car empty?
We can offer loading service with a great variety of items you like us to load inside including Automotive Spare Parts, Used Domestic Materials, Foodstuff and more.
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Parking Service

Cannot ship your car, van or truck right now? You may park your vehicle at our premises starting EURO 2,- per day.
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